Games to train dogs

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a pet owner is discovering engaging and enjoyable activities for your dog. Engaging in mentally and physically engaging exercises with your dog is an excellent way to maintain their health. It also helps strengthen your bond.
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Training dog games

Rating - 4.8 (7862 reviews)

A new method to train and raise your dog. It includes “”a variety of useful tips and tricks as well as fun games that improve the lives of many dogs as well as their human friends”” (Dr. Ian Dunbar vet and animal behaviorist).


  • Author – Zak George
  • Publish date – 7 Jun. 2016
  • Pages – 240 pages
  • Language – English

Zak George is one of the most well-known dog trainer, best known through his YouTube channel as well as his appearances appearing on Animal Planet. The book he wrote Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: The Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Dog With Love is our pick for the best dog training guide since it offers a refreshing perspective on raising the perfect dog. The 240-page book includes all the fundamentals from potty training to pulling leashes to fighting. It also gives essential information on dog ownership, including when you should bring your pet to the vet , and how to choose the best diet for their requirements. George is a kind and welcoming approach to dog training full of tips for decoding as well as “talking with” your dog.

Zak George’s book is heavier on “how-tos” rather than on the technical training content This is the reason we chose it as the best overall. It covers a broad range of subject, and is an excellent choice for someone who is a dog’s owner for the first time or for a dog owner who’s had enough and needs an update.

Rating - 4.6 (3631 reviews)

Everything you should be aware of during the first months of your puppy’s existence.


  • Author – The Monks of New Skete
  • Publish date – 4 Aug. 2011
  • Pages – 336 pages
  • Language – English

The arrival of a puppy is an exciting experience that’s full of love, cuddles and, yes, sleepless nights. It’s a must-have for every puppy owner who is new, The Art of Raising a Puppy is written by the Monks from New Skete, a community of loving monks who truly know what they are talking about. Each of the 352 pages is packed with knowledge about training, caring and loving for puppies because the monks draw upon their 30+ years of experience with raising German Shepherd puppies. This book will assist your puppy to adapt to their new surroundings and provide advice for every stage of a puppy’s development.

Overall, The Art of Raising a Puppy isn’t just excellently written, but the book is packed with extremely useful tips that you can refer to often.

Rating - 4.0 (1369 reviews)

For more than a quarter of a century pet owners have relied on this concise guide for practical, step-by step guidance on how to break the house of their pets in only one week!


  • Author – Shirlee Kalstone
  • Publish date – 3 Aug. 2004
  • Pages – 96 pages
  • Language – English

If you’re having trouble housebreaking your puppy or you’re trying to potty-train a new dog you’ve adopted How to housebreak your dog within 7 days is an essential book. Written by the pet expert Shirlee Kalstone the book will aid you in training any of the “untrainable” dogs. It also includes strategies to help with all kinds of housetraining including litter training and paper training. There are suggested schedules for potty training to follow, suggestions regarding handling accidents and advice about how to help reinforce your dog.

Although housebreaking is an arduous and sometimes difficult training, Kalstone will help you teach your dog regardless of how old or is.

Rating - 4.5 (863 reviews)

A useful puppy guide to introduce children (and everyone else!) to the pleasures and responsibilities that come when you bring a puppy to home. The essentials of training your dog are included right here!


  • Author – Colleen Pelar
  • Publish date – 1 Sept. 2012
  • Pages – 96 pages
  • Language – English

Everybody has heard the tale of the child who asked for a puppy, but didn’t take responsibility for the new puppy. It’s a good thing you can let your child be the trainer by reading this incredibly well written book. The Barron’s book is specifically written for children and is focused on teaching them to take care of the training and care of their four-legged companion. This book will help your children master the basics of clicker training, socialization , and fitness. The 96 pages feature a lot of photos which allows children to see instead of reading a lengthy manual that is stuffed with lengthy chunks of text. It is easy to comprehend and take in, Puppy Training for Kids is ideal for middle-school youngsters and younger.

Rating - 4.5 (4207 reviews)

101 Dog Tricks is the largest trick book available in addition to the one to include high-quality photos of each trick as well as the steps to train it.


  • Author – Kyra Sundance
  • Publish date – 1 April 2007
  • Pages – 208 pages
  • Language – English

Once you’ve got your toilet training under your belt, make sure to keep your dog’s mind active and focused by showing it tricks. 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance is the best guide for teaching your dog every trick from the book (literally in this instance). It’s packed with color-coded guides to the 101 tricks in the book that are each rated according to a difficulty level as well as the essential “prerequisites” that your dog should be familiar with prior to. The tricks vary from the simple sit, fetch, and stay to more sophisticated (but extremely useful) “go take a drink from the refrigerator.” Beyond their usefulness in teaching your dog tricks, teaching them will keep them stimulated and active, making their lives less likely for them to cause damage around the house. If you’re looking for a single source of tricks 101 Dog Tricks is the book for you.

Rating - 4.4 (367 reviews)

It is dedicated to me and my uncle Joseph who taught me an art form of training dogs over fifty years ago.


  • Author – Lelah Sullivan
  • Publish date – 24 Sept. 2015
  • Pages – 189 pages
  • Language – English

Finding a service dog for your pet can be a time-consuming and costly procedure. Learning to Train Your own Service Dog by Lelah S. Sullivan is a manual to help you teach your dog how to enable him or her to become a good companion animal. Sullivan is a former service dog trainer who teaches the basics of training dogs for different disabilities. While we would recommend using an accredited service dog organization to meet your requirements, this book may assist those who need the extra help in the home but aren’t able to afford the funds to purchase an official service dog. The author has a Facebook group she frequents to get advice and suggestions.

In the end, this guide on self-training a service dog is sure to assist dogs to behave better and adhere to a variety of commands following the steps outlined by Sullivan.

Rating - 4.2 (44 reviews)

The process of training the dog (and yourself) to compete in agility events will make for a great collaboration that you both take pleasure in.


  • Author – Laurie Leach
  • Publish date – 22 Jan. 2007
  • Pages – 256 pages
  • Language – English

If you’re looking to train your dog for agility competitions, the beginner’s guide to dog Agility written by Laurie Leach is a great starting point. The 256-page book covers everything including how to create your own agility obstacles , to the ins and outs of clicker training. Agility contests can be enjoyable for both pet and owner and offer a stimulating bonding activity that you both take pleasure in. According to the title, this book is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have any prior experience with agility and is looking to learn more about it with their dog who is enthusiastic. Although the book is targeted towards the elite agility community however, it’s a fantastic book for anyone who is interested in exploring the world of agility.

Dog training exercises

Games for dog training

If it's games you play with your dog indoors or out and teaching your dog how to play engaging games using treats for reward, or introducing mental games to pets, there's plenty of options to help keep your dogs (and yourself) entertained at any time.

Games for Dogs

1. Fetch

Most dogs get enthusiastic about a game of the game of fetch. It's the most popular game played by both dogs and humans. All you require is a lawn or field and a tennis ball or frisbee, and a dog who is eager to play.

Fetch is a fantastic game for dogs that are energetic. It offers lots of physical activity as well as helping them satisfy their natural desire to run. It is also a great way to keep your dog's mind engaged and stimulated by introducing new objects for him to chase after. For instance frisbees can be a bit more difficult to get, but is also more thrilling to throw into the air.

You can adjust the height, distance , and directions of the throws so that your pet is entertained. Don't forget to congratulate your dog every when they return their toy back to you, so that you can throw it again.

2. Tug of War

Another favorite game that dogs are fond of is playing tug-of-war. Ideal for both indoor and outside play the game of tug of war can be entertaining and enjoyable for your pet. Furthermore, all that pulling and tugging is a great source of exercise. Be careful not to over-excite your dog with this game, and do not allow children to play with this game.

There are a few things to keep in mind: be cautious when playing tug of war with puppies. Rememberthat the mouths of puppies aren't fully formed and they're still sporting baby teeth. Just gently pull them for just a few seconds at a time. If you feel they are too short look into other activities for play.

Be sure to keep your dog's teeth as well as gums in your mind when playing tug-of-war. Choose a toy that doesn't harm the insides of their mouths. Consider using a rope or a dog toy that is made of soft rubber. If your dog is prone to neck or back injuries, you can try a different activity until consulting with your veterinarian.

3. Hide the treat or Hide and Seek

If you're looking for mental games that stimulate your mind for dogs, you won't be wrong by hiding the treats. This game for dog enrichment is a great opportunity for dogs to work on their problem-solving abilities. Leave a trail with the treats over some spots on the route to the hidden spot, and then place it in a place that is difficult the dog locate.

While your dog is searching at you, use phrases such as "hot" as well as "cold" when your pet is closer and farther away from the food. Switching the tone of your voice from quiet "cold" and then an enthusiastic "warm" and "hot" can help develop the dog's listening skills, although it will require some practice before they can truly comprehend.

4. Chase the Prey

Get your dog to unleash his instincts to hunt in a way which won't cause squirrels from the neighborhood scurrying up the tree. This game is played with the flirt pole. The flirtpole is pole or stick that has rope that is attached to the other end. You can buy an flirt pole or build one using a amount of creativity.

Attach a toy on your flirt pole's string, and then drag it in a steady manner, stopping when your dog is ready to run. Be sure that your dog is allowed to "catch" toys frequently to reward them, so they'll gain confidence and will not lose the interest.

5. Agility Training

If you're looking to take your game up a notch, then agility training is the best way to take. Agility training is the most effective physical and mental exercise for dogs. It can help your dog get rid of extra energy and get them tired for a restful nap or a peaceful night's sleep.

Make an obstacle course in your backyard or in a park using items from your house. It can be made up of boxes for them to climb over, cones for players to weave through and whatever else is in your mind. If you own an hula hoops, instruct your children to leap through it. Then make sure you give them treats when they get better.

Beware of Overstimulation

There are many games that dogs can play both in and out. Playing with your dog can enrich each of your lives. However, do not engage in play that is violent or results in overstimulating.

It is important to finish your play time while enjoying yourself. This will make your dog eager to play again rather than tired and disengaged.

The Cognitive Training Game to help your dog become smarter

There are a variety of goals when you are training your dog, but besides the obvious relationship and skill developing aspects of training, there's another benefit that it pushes your dog to its limits and ultimately helps them become more knowledgeable. Who says that it won't be enjoyable?

Beyond the basic obedience classes There are a lot of games for dogs that are fun and interactive toys for dogs which will stimulate your brain in addition to being fun for you as well! Find out more about various games and games which will be beneficial to your dog.

Learn to teach your dog to make Eye Contact

Learn to teach your dog to show eye contact. Place a treat on your forehead or near your eyes, and then request your dog to gaze at you. Slowly reduce the amount of food you are feeding to make use of a hand signal or an instruction verbally to get your dog to gaze at you. This basic method help you keep focus from your dog when not paying attention however, eye contact induces the release of oxytocin both in you as well as your dog. Oxytocin is the hormone that promotes connection between child and parent. Scientists refer to these as "eye hugging."

Change Up The Routine of Your Dog Walking Routine

If you truly need to be sure that you are getting your dog's full attention, every now and then you need to change your routine. A simple way to do this is to alter your route while walking your dog. Start by walking in a different direction, or turning left after taking an right, however, you could take a different route to push her further.

Experimenting with new smells, sights and sounds can cause them to be confused You must ensure that they're paying attention to the direction you're giving them and following along. Be sure that prior to the dog is exposed to a new area for walking that it is safe for both of you.

Game of Hot & Cold Game

The "Hot and Cold" game relies on the use of vocal communication and verbal tone to aid your dog locate a reward or toy. You can hide a treat in the event that your dog isn't searching. Use a calm tone to make it colder dogs when they move away from the treat. Make use of a more exuberant tone to indicate "hotter" when your pet is closer to the treat. This game helps improve your the ability to listen. It also aids in developing the distinctive "language" that you as well as your dog.

Snuffle Mat

Do you need a way to get your dog interested? A snuffle mat is the ideal item for dogs who are curious. This big and interactive nose mat will provide endless mental stimulation and enjoyment for your dog.

Learn to teach your dog how to solve the issue

Allow your dog to discover how to pull the string to receive the reward. Attach a small or a ribbon rope to a treat , and put it under an unassuming piece of furniture. Place it away enough from the surface that it is not accessible by paw or mouth. Let your dog explore and then observe the time it takes him to pull the rope to get the treat. Thinking skills are crucial for puppies in development and older dogs too. Achieving success in problem solving is an excellent confidence boost.

DIY Interactive Dog Treat Game dogs

Make use of plastic storage bowls which can be nested inside each other or are similar in size or which range from big to smaller. Place a snack in the container on the bottom, and then put the second one over it. Continue layering the treats and containers. Include a treat in the top container that is open to start your dog off. Make sure you be sure to supervise your dog during this process so your dog doesn't try to consume the plastic containers. You can progress up the steps to make this more difficult, adding more containers when your dog is figuring out each step.

Place the dog's Treats inside a plastic Bottle

For this game, make use of soda bottles made of plastic and a rod made of metal and a base made of wood to create a treat-in-a-bottle. Three soda bottles are inserted into the rod of metal and lock them to the base of wood. Add treats to two bottles and observe your dog's efforts to take the treats out of the bottles.

Plush and Fun Dog Puzzle Toys

Similar to the games mentioned above there's a range of games that are especially stimulating for dogs who are driven by food. The aim, naturally is to get them to make use of their brains in order to earn the reward. These toys that are interactive can enhance your dog's memory and help them focus on a particular task for a certain amount of time.

DIY Dog Agility Course for Dogs

It's not just an exercise for the mind of your pet, but also physically too! You can make an obstacle course using everyday household items or purchase an inexpensive dog agility set on the internet. Set up your dining chairs and let your dog weave around them, or even set up a mop or broom to make them jump over. Your dog will follow your instructions to complete the course and will have so much fun, they won't be aware that you're teaching them!

If your dog really excelling in this, you should take a look at getting them involved with agility.

Have a fun time playing hide and seek with Your Dog

This isn't just a child's game! It's a thrilling game to play with your dogand you are an ultimate winner. You can ask your dog to stay and wait while you spend time searching for the ideal hiding place. Once you're done, ask your dog to locate you. Because the sense of smell dogs possess is quite amazing and they can smell anything, it shouldn't take time for them to locate you. You can reward them when they spot that you are there. In time, you'll be able to select more difficult areas to hide in, so that they must work harder to find out the location you're in.

Learn to teach your dog new tricks

The process of teaching your dog a new technique (whether they're old or young) isn't always easy however it's certainly satisfying for both of you. This is something you'll need to work on in the future, but it will improve your attention and obedience. One great one to begin to work on can be Under the Bridge. You just need to sit on the floor with your knees bent. You can use a premium snack or dog's favourite toy to get them to cross your "bridge" the legs built. Be sure to reward them with plenty of praise when they've completed the task!

The mental exercise is equally essential as physical exercise for an overall dog. These games and other activities help to strengthen not just your dog's brain but also your relationship with him as well.

FAQ – dog training activities

In particular, a dog that is well-behaved should be able to respond to seven commands to be a responsible canine citizen Sit, Down Stay and Come, Heel Off and No.

You can make use of broken-down boxes which your pup can walk through, put chairs down to let them navigate through, and pile books up for him to leap over. It is possible to make a simple DIY dog jump using common household items. You can also utilize poles and cones to build your own obstacle and training course.

Tug-of-War is a popular puppy game that is loved by pet owners. It can be an effective method to teach your dog to let go of toys at will. In addition, the intense game can be a great aerobic workout. As you hold your puppy’s favourite toy, give it for them to play with until they grasp it with their mouths. Do a twirl back and forward.

Relax close to your dog , and throw a ball at it or shake a toy tug just a bit. If it is interested then reward it with treats and applaud it. It could take a bit of time however, the more you involve your dog in playing and play, the faster it will be able to understand what’s expected. In no time the canine will have fun like it’s been doing it for all of its existence.